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"Flames coverage in Ontario"
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Well here we are again folks, falling again to a very beatable opponent!

When looking back, the flames gave an alright effort but nothing more then that. When Playing against a team like Nashville with its shut down back end we need to be in the offensive zone most of the time.

Like I said yesterday this would be a low scoring event but I predicted the score on the wrong side. It was 2-1, but Nashville walking away with the win.

Calgary were out shot 45 - 36 by a team that rarely generates this kind of offense.

Did anyone see the madness at the end of the night? The last 4 minutes of the game was a crazy scramble and Calgary ended up pulling Mikka. The play that had me jumping up and down was when Brodie broke his stick and then stopped the puck from leaving the zone with his hand and kicked it to a line mate. That was amazing vision from the young player, and he seems to keep upping his game every time I see him on the ice.

Who played the best for Calgary last night? The man that often does, Mikka. Kiprusoff made numerous amazing plays last night that were of highlight reel quality to keep the match close for the entire game. With Karralson in net the flames would have surely walked away down several goals in this match.


Well Calgary received some help in the west from Boston beating LA and Winnipeg beating Minnesota but no help from NY Rangers, Pittsburgh, Columbus or Colorado the later two giving up 3 point games in our conference.

Random Thoughts

Darryl Sutter in the NHL again seems almost all but certain according to reports out there on the web. I for one wish he was going to be the GM in LA instead, then maybe we would have a chance to trade all our garbage over to him. Surely he would give every last one of them a NMC or NTC.

Did you catch the hit Referee Walkom accidentally gave Timonen while trying to get out of the way of the puck? I think it was a head shot for sure and say Shanahan gives him 3 games for a first offense!


How about Shea Webber's goal from in the stands? Shea launches a puck from in the stands and manages to get it in the net somehow. Pretty bad ass if you ask me.


No Matter how many times I see the Joker eat the waffle it still never ceases to amuse me. The person who created this is a genius.

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December 14, 2011 12:05 PM ET | Delete
The only good thing about Gio being injured is watching Brodie develop. He's a keeper now. Looks great Gio, JBO
December 14, 2011 12:17 PM ET | Delete
Its strange because I figured our D was doomed this year. JBO is really a work horse playing 30 minutes. For a guy that I have ragged on because of his lack of offense he has impressed. Surprisingly the D is coming along nicely, which I think is the hardest thing to come by. Sutters and Webbers don't grow on trees and aren't easily acquired through draft.
December 14, 2011 1:17 PM ET | Delete
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