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leafs_slayer writes...

Ovechkin is not done

Posted Saturday | Comments 0
Ok. Ovechkin hit 60 goals with 6 games left. Cool. Now we can all relax. He's juiced the most he possibly could have out of this season. C'mon, am I right?? Nope! So, heres how I look at it. Ovechkin is the top scorer since the lockout. He's the best goal scorer, statistically, since Mario Lemieux put up 69 goals in 1995-96. But thats only so far. Could, hypothetical...
CanuckBloggin writes...

More Cowbell

Posted Thursday | Comments 4
It's NHL Eve, one of the most exciting days of the year north of the 49th parallel. Every day of since the end of the regular season has been X'd off: here we go again. I decided to purchase NHL Center Ice this season; I just can't get enough of the boys in blue. With this disgusting surplus of games being fed to me I decided to try my hand at blogging some of them. Th...
CanuckBloggin writes...

Additional Cowbell

Posted Monday | Comments 0
With our top blogger out for the season I make my long unawaited return to the MyHockeybuzz blog area thing. Although I originally intended on posting a regular blog, being in Mark Gage's shadow is no easy pill to swallow and it was clear with him on board there was no point in writing a blog that was not going to be read. However, that being said, Gage is gone, so hopef...


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