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Ovechkin is not done

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Ovechkin hit 60 goals with 6 games left.
Now we can all relax. He's juiced the most he possibly could have out of this season.
C'mon, am I right??
So, heres how I look at it. Ovechkin is the top scorer since the lockout. He's the best goal scorer, statistically, since Mario Lemieux put up 69 goals in 1995-96. But thats only so far. Could, hypothetically, Ovechkin end the season as the best goal scorer, statistically, since Selanne and Mogilny put up 76 in 1992-93?
Obviously, Ovechkin likely will not hit 76 goals. He would need to score almost 3 goals per game to acheive that. Not Happnin'.
However, Ovechkin has had a dominant past 10 games, putting up a whopping 21 points over that period, 10 of them being goals. So, at this pace, he should finish the season with 66 goals and 118 points. Knowing Ovechkin, he will go on a Sakic type rampage, trying to lead his team into the playoffs.
The Capitals remaining schedule is:

Vs Hurricanes
Vs Lightning
Vs Panthers
Vs Hurricanes
Vs Lightning
Vs Panthers

K. Game 1 against the Hurricanes, being absolutely elated from his 60th goal game, he will pull off an amazing 3 goal, 4 point game, something he hasn't done in ages (10 games).

Game 2, he will have a disapointing 2 goal game.

Game 3, with the Panthers breathing down there necks, Ovechkin will score 1 goal and 3 points, hitting the magical 65.

Game 4, he will score 0 goals, 0 assists, in an uninspired losing effort by his teammates.

Game 5, Ovechkin will take the game into his own hands, scoring 1 goal, but setting up 2 more.

Game 6. Washington must win to make the playoffs. Ovechkin knows what he must do. Ovechkin scores 3 goals and 5 points, once again.

He will end the season with 70 goals, 119 points. This will get the Capitals into the playoffs, and will win him a Hart Trophy.

Gretzky predicted 90 goals for Ovechkin, so if you think that I'm optimistic...

Thanks for reading.

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October 10, 2008 3:20 AM ET | Delete
Solid tag haha. 90 goals for Ovie seems a little lofty. I'm going to peg him at 75.
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