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Per TSN, http://tsn.ca/nhl/news_story/?ID=211407&hubname= In order: Penalty Shots. Really, this just brings it in line with what all of Canada has been doing for a few years now, and I agree with it. Why should you not be allowed a penalty shot when you get tackled from behind, just because the other team's player didn't wait another two-thirds of a second? A br...
archromat writes...

What exactly is

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Before I write this post, I will ask you to put these concepts in order of importance. - Flawless Officiating - Fun to play - Entertaining - Profitable Now you might ask: "why can't we have them all?": but it's known when you try to accomplish everything, you more usually end up accomplishing nothing: see Theresa May's approach to Brexit as an example. So now...


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