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Dubas' Comedy of Errors

Posted July 12, 2019
I have been rather critical of several GMs in the past that have certainly proven me wrong - namely Sakic's situation a few years ago about how his team lacked an identity, and Yzerman's dealing with Stamkos even though I believe that situation was still handled clumsily - and I have defended some of Chiarelli's moves - that Griffin Reinhart deal with Barzal was available and that Lucic contract I... Read More »

A Rough Draft of the Draft

Posted June 20, 2019
This is a team breakdown for what strategy I'd take as every team. I'm going to skip over the Devils and the Rangers at 1 and 2 since it's fairly obvious the Devils will take Hughes and the Rangers Kakko. I'm also going no farther than 16 because after that, the possibilities are endless and these combine interviews and scouts could have come up with anything. Chicago Blackhawks: Although... Read More »
Storms are born near the equator of the planet and flow outwards. They are born from water currents in the oceans. They are born when low pressure systems get pinched by high pressure systems. They are born when accumulated water vapour creates conduction between two positive spheres in the planet, causing electrical exchange we know as lightning. (See Electric Universe theory). A trade i... Read More »

What exactly is

Posted May 17, 2019
Before I write this post, I will ask you to put these concepts in order of importance. - Flawless Officiating - Fun to play - Entertaining - Profitable Now you might ask: "why can't we have them all?": but it's known when you try to accomplish everything, you more usually end up accomplishing nothing: see Theresa May's approach to Brexit as an example. So now there is a rising obsess... Read More »
Toronto Boston was supposed to be the talked-about series the next day... was among fans of those teams, I'm certain, but much of the talk was amount the Sharks' 5 minute power play after their captain hit their head on the ice. I let this slide: I always thought passively that it was the right call, but on the wrong player, so whatever. Vegas is the team that couldn't kill a five minute pen... Read More »


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