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In no particular order: I notice goalies have been getting much taller lately; I also notice that the "slap shot" is going away. Is this all a result of those mega flex sticks that do the work for the player? If there was an insane reversion to the wood sticks, would the goalies get smaller again and would the slap shot make a comeback? The Sabres looked really good to start the year, espec... Read More »

Yet Another New Draft Lottery Blog

Posted April 9, 2018
I've written about this a few times because I hate the one thing that improves your team the most comes down to lottery balls without rhyme or reason except for teams improving their odds through something that can be about 50% arbitrary (see the Avs from last year to this year, who doubled their points with basically one less player). This year, some of those perennial playoff contenders (NYR,... Read More »
This year's playoff hunt has now hit boiling point. In both conferences, x teams are vying for x - 1 spots, so two teams are going to lose their respective games of musical chairs. I think what irritates me about this scenario is that both of these teams that fail to make the playoffs will quite likely end up with a higher than true 500 stat (that is 41+ wins) and especially in the west, one... Read More »

Pros and Cons of Trading Erik Karlsson

Posted February 21, 2018
Well these rumours are a surprise. One deflected shot in the playoffs to win vs. Penguins, plus capitalizing on Rinne's terribad performance in the Stanley Cup Finals last year, the Sens win the cup with that Cinderella run. Now they're burning on the other side of the rift of fire and screaming out to Lazarus, "Help, help! We're in tribulation!" So is it a good idea to move Karlsson?... Read More »
The NHL challenge has been another addition to the game which follows the successful model in the NFL, giving another reason for anticipation for fans. But its reach has not yet been refined. Years ago, the "horseshoe" blue line allowed Matt Duchene to score a goal for the Avalanche, and yes, that was a blown non-call by the linesmen. It's a tough job, sometimes, especially when it come... Read More »


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