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Before I write this post, I will ask you to put these concepts in order of importance. - Flawless Officiating - Fun to play - Entertaining - Profitable Now you might ask: "why can't we have them all?" like any other competitive half-wit, but the truth is, prioritizing any one of these values may end up taxing the others. So now there is a rising obsession in this playoffs in the fa... Read More »
Toronto Boston was supposed to be the talked-about series the next day... was among fans of those teams, I'm certain, but much of the talk was amount the Sharks' 5 minute power play after their captain hit their head on the ice. I let this slide: I always thought passively that it was the right call, but on the wrong player, so whatever. Vegas is the team that couldn't kill a five minute pen... Read More »
A lot of rabble rousing has occurred this season with Toronto and Boston headed on a third date, and know what third dates mean. It means Toronto fans get really unhappy because their team gets ... again. So when the Toronto fan base is angry, it causes a rumble in the hockey world, largely because they have the greatest influence over the network that arguably still has dominion on hockey new... Read More »
In no particular order: I notice goalies have been getting much taller lately; I also notice that the "slap shot" is going away. Is this all a result of those mega flex sticks that do the work for the player? If there was an insane reversion to the wood sticks, would the goalies get smaller again and would the slap shot make a comeback? The Sabres looked really good to start the year, espec... Read More »

Yet Another New Draft Lottery Blog

Posted April 9, 2018
I've written about this a few times because I hate the one thing that improves your team the most comes down to lottery balls without rhyme or reason except for teams improving their odds through something that can be about 50% arbitrary (see the Avs from last year to this year, who doubled their points with basically one less player). This year, some of those perennial playoff contenders (NYR,... Read More »


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