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Don Cherry was always an outspoken individual in terms of politics, so he made his remarks and Sportsnet said it's the last straw. I always hated Sportsnet, and this is just an honest and candid opinion. As my friend put it, "it's like watching AHL level of broadcasting". TSN's hockey coverage rivaled American channels covering the NFL. I'm not going to hide behind my opinions behind some... Read More »

MJ's Power Rankings (Oct 30 2019)

Posted October 30, 2019
In the spirit of Hallowe'en and All Saints Day comes this week's power rankings, which I'll now be making on a monthly basis. I must repeat the disclaimer: the stats entirely determine the power ranking: I only try to rationalize what the stats are pointing out. 1. Boston Bruins 9-1-2 POWER 130 LW: 1 The Scary: Boston's dominance in both NFL and NHL right now. The Sain... Read More »

MJ's Power Rankings (Oct 23)

Posted October 23, 2019
Greetings! I have returned for my next instalment of power rankings. If you have read the first one, then you'll be familiar with what I am about to say: these power rankings are based entirely on statistical performances and they are churned out by a python code that examines every game in the last ten regular season weeks played (bleeding into the last year for now). Now that we have that out... Read More »

MJ's Power Rankings (Oct 16)

Posted October 16, 2019
In my spare time, I pythoned up a sim, but part of that sim was creating a power ranking based on a self-invented hundred balance system (ie, 132 = 32% stronger than average; 75 = 25% weaker than average). This system is entirely statistically based with zero input, but I shall only explain why I "believe" the teams are where they are and what issues they might need to address if they're sub aver... Read More »

The Real Play: 4 x 9 for Marner

Posted September 12, 2019
Could the Leafs be about to troll the NHL? Negotiations are usually a meet in the middle kind of thing, unless the middle is more than what the other side has to offer. So the settlement? Four years at 9m/y. That is what I believe the final number will be around. When you negotiate, what's "fair" usually isn't on the table, because people don't live in a fair world: they live in their ve... Read More »


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