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MJ's Power Rankings (Oct 16)

Posted October 16, 2019
In my spare time, I pythoned up a sim, but part of that sim was creating a power ranking based on a self-invented hundred balance system (ie, 132 = 32% stronger than average; 75 = 25% weaker than average). This system is entirely statistically based with zero input, but I shall only explain why I "believe" the teams are where they are and what issues they might need to address if they're sub aver... Read More »

The Real Play: 4 x 9 for Marner

Posted September 12, 2019
Could the Leafs be about to troll the NHL? Negotiations are usually a meet in the middle kind of thing, unless the middle is more than what the other side has to offer. So the settlement? Four years at 9m/y. That is what I believe the final number will be around. When you negotiate, what's "fair" usually isn't on the table, because people don't live in a fair world: they live in their ve... Read More »

The Smart Play: Trade Matthews

Posted September 5, 2019
Insane, I know. I can only imagine the thoughts of many fans when they read a headline like this: "Let's see what this idiot has to say". It's like you're reading Vice. But the way I see it, the Leafs' salary structure wasn't so much spoiled by Tavares, since he deserved a payday and he's obviously an elite center. Yet a one-two of Tavares and Matthews, while to the regular observer se... Read More »

Dubas' Comedy of Errors

Posted July 12, 2019
I have been rather critical of several GMs in the past that have certainly proven me wrong - namely Sakic's situation a few years ago about how his team lacked an identity, and Yzerman's dealing with Stamkos even though I believe that situation was still handled clumsily - and I have defended some of Chiarelli's moves - that Griffin Reinhart deal with Barzal was available and that Lucic contract I... Read More »

A Rough Draft of the Draft

Posted June 20, 2019
This is a team breakdown for what strategy I'd take as every team. I'm going to skip over the Devils and the Rangers at 1 and 2 since it's fairly obvious the Devils will take Hughes and the Rangers Kakko. I'm also going no farther than 16 because after that, the possibilities are endless and these combine interviews and scouts could have come up with anything. Chicago Blackhawks: Although... Read More »


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