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It’s official, Nathan Paetsch will be a Sabre for 3 more years at a reasonable one million per. He’s a nice 4th dman and I said (blogged) repeatedly that he should have been in the line up during last year’s playoffs. To me, this signals one thing. Dimitri Kalinin is done as a Sabre. And thank GOD for that! We’ve heard for WAY too long that this guy has ...
Though I am biased as a hardcore Sabres fan, I think few will debate the fact that Buffalo has one of the best farm systems in the NHL. In the past few years, we have seen guys like Paul Gaustad, Jason Pominville, Derek Roy and Thomas Vanek come up through the ranks and be very successful at the professional level. Buffalo has a knack for developing young talent and the Sa...
After injuries to Spacek and Kalinin, the latter of whom could be out a month or more, the Sabres are considering signing 32 year old Nolan Pratt, according to two sources: http://www.buffalonews.com/258/story/193001.html http://wgr550.com/sabres/fullstory.php?id=2772 If Darcy Regier decides to sign Pratt, whom according to the above stories the Sabres were consid...
D-Man Michael Funk has been sent back to Rochester. Nathan Paestch is ready to return to the lineup. Who would you rather have in the lineup Patches or The Funky Cold Medina?


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