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They should get rid of their mascot. I think Carlton the bear is a terrible mascot. This team is a pushover, and he doesn't help. He should be peddling Coke in a christmas commercial. This one time I was Toys R Us. I had my kids with me, they were younger...probably around 3 yrs for the boy and 5 for the girl. I asked them about these stuffed animals. There was a polar bear, they said it was... Read More »
You guys both suck. Fuck you. Read More »

Sabres looking to do some good stuff.

Posted September 10, 2010
Sabres are looking to do some good stuff this year. Got a pretty kick ass kid in Myers. Miller is good too. They play in Buffalo where Patrick Kane is from. Read More »

Leafs should get Kovalchuk.

Posted June 5, 2010
I'd like it. Read More »

Leafs won tonight.

Posted April 11, 2010
Leafs beat the other team. Symba turned into a Leafs fan. Lots of other stuff went down too. Read More »