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Buyers, Sellers, and the Bait

Posted January 18, 2019
THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 48 Buyers, Sellers, and the Bait The NHL trade deadline is just six weeks away and its time to start the speculation and decisions on who are the sellers and who are the buyers. Brad Burud and Blake Friars breakdown what teams are prepared to sell off for assets and what teams are looking to add that special player that will help them make a strong Sta... Read More »

Midseason Report Cards and Trophies

Posted January 13, 2019
INSIDE EDGE HOCKEY NEWS – RADIO SHOW | EPISODE 15 Midseason Report Cards and Trophies The National Hockey League has reached the midpoint of the season. Brad Burud hosts a jam packed show that features midseason grades for all 31 teams. Tampa Bay and Calgary highlight the good grades and Philadelphia and Los Angeles bring home the bad grades. NHL Awards are the next topic of discussion and... Read More »
THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 47 Midseason Shockers and All-Stars Skip Out The NHL has hit the midseason mark. Brad Burud and Blake Friars talk about the biggest surprises thus far. There are some very interesting ones. Can you believe the amount of goals scored? Then it is time to talk NHL All-Star Game, and players electing to skip out. With Alexander Ovechkin and Carey Price not... Read More »

Stars Blasted by Ownership

Posted January 3, 2019
THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 46 Stars Blasted by Ownership Dallas Stars ownership blasted superstars Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin in the media. The vulgar statements sent shock waves throughout the hockey world. Brad Burud and Blake Friars discuss the crazy situation, and give insight on what set off this tyraid and what will the ramifications be. Then the Columbus Blue Jackets di... Read More »
The Instigator |Episode 21 Winter Classic Rerun: Same Teams Every Year The Winter Classic is set to play on New Years Day. A great tribute to how hockey began, outside, but…why in the world do we have to watch the same teams each year. This years matchup is the Chicago Blackhawks versus the Boston Bruins at historic Notre Dame Stadium. Sounds epic right, not so much, the problem is this is... Read More »


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