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NHL Fantasy: Hidden Gems in Hot-lanta

Posted October 31, 2010
Every NHL season begins with uncertainty, but if you look at different teams in the league there are always opportunities for new players to emerge. This is particularly important to all fantasy hockey players[http://www.landsharkhockey.com/Home.aspx] and how they are able to ice the best line-up. This season began with New Jersey as a fantasy juggernaut, so far, not so much. With the recent news... Read More »

Fantasy Hockey: New Studs on the Block

Posted October 27, 2010
With the NHL season into its third week it is safe to say the pace has quickened and players point totals are starting to rack up. There are some new young faces that are going to be leading fantasy teams to the promise land this season. With the way the new NHL is structured it is important for teams to integrate good young talent into their line-up. Getting production out of up and coming playe... Read More »


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