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Stanley Cup Final Preditions

Posted May 28, 2007
Game 1:4-2 Ducks Selanne GWG Game 2:3-1 Sens Heatley GWG Game 3:6-5 Sens OT Vermette GWG Game 4:2-1 Ducks OT Pronger GWG Game 5:3-1 Sens Spezza GWG Game 6:5-4 Ducks R. Neidermeyer GWG Game 7:1-0 Ducks OT Selanne GWG in one of the most dramatic Cup Finals Ever!!!! Go DUCKS! Read More »
Mike Emrick makes me wanna shut off my tv when he calls a game. I have never scene a guy mess up so many names in a game. No i take that back Paul Steigerwald some how seems to mess up more and he is the worst annoucer ever. NBC and Versus have some okay announcers but Emrick is not one of them. They need someone else. As for the best ever well we don't really know there are a lot of good ones.... Read More »
[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Greg\Desktop\gregs ringers\staalhattrick.mp3[img:right][img][/img]What do you think was the best moment of the year for the Pengins? Personally i think Staals overtime goal versus toronto that completed the hattrick was best.[img]C:\Documents and Settings\preferred customer\Desktop\evolution.jpg[/img] Can anyone see or hear the pic? Read More »
The Pens have played better in the last game but are still down 3-1. They are looking for a way to get momentum. Well couldn't it be a huge momentum builder if the pens could pull off a dramatic win in overtime. This type of win could shift all the momentum in a penguins favor and bring the series back to the igloo. I know it may sound far fetched but i believe in the pens. Right now you just have... Read More »

Its not over just yet

Posted April 18, 2007
Now the Penguins are down 3-1 to the Senators. Yea it seems impossible but who knows. This penguins team has done so many unexpected things all year why not. This team wasn't even supposed to make the playoffs but they proved everyone wrong. The Pens may be able to catch the Sens relaxing a bit during game 5. If so look out. If the Pens would manage a way to prevail in game 5 they steal the moment... Read More »

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