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Should the Canucks Aquire Parise?

Posted February 16, 2011
Unlike many writers, who hide their inner fan behind a thin veneer of professionalism, I enjoy the world of the possible…and impossible. Rumors, the life blood of any fantasy artist. I often hear local radio hacks suggesting a show about rumors and possible trade options is a show wasted on the lowest common denominator. I say hogwash! It is you sir’s who are a waste. Imagination you lack... Read More »

Letang not Crosby the Penguins MVP!

Posted February 8, 2011
First off, while I love broadcasting legend Bob Cole, Mike Emrick of NBC and Devils radio is the best in the business at the moment. I love the creativity and dark tones Emrick brings to the games, while his sidekicks, Eddy Olczyk and Pierre Mcguire are always amusing and insightful. I say this as I enjoy taking in the NBC game of the week: Pens V. Caps! Sure to be a battle. Watching th... Read More »
Concerning NHL year-end awards, deciding who is the most deserving candidate to take home (x) awards, is always a fickle question. Take the James Norris, for example. Some people would argue that unless a younger player was unquestionably the most dominant patroller of the back end, the trophy should otherwise be awarded to a previous winner. In other words, in tight races past performance matters... Read More »

All-NFL NHL Team

Posted February 2, 2011
As a society we are obsessed with comparison. Our insecurity is palpable and on display in a very public way. Social media like Twitter and Facebook while marketed as tools of openness and connection provide greater concealment as they are devoid of real intimacy, an essential component of most meaningful relationships. However, while they allow us to hide behind a veil they meet our need to co... Read More »


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Favorite Teams

Vancouver Canucks, Montreal Canadians, Washington Capitals

Most Hated Teams

Calgary Flames, Colorodo Avalanche, San Jose Sharks,

Favorite Players

Pavel Bure, Alex Ovechkin, Pavel Datsuk...no I'm not russian...PK Subban, Carey Price, and Trevor Linden

Most Hated Players

Joe Thortan, Dion Phaneuf, Andrew Ladd, Brandon Dubisnky..because Eklund seems to think he is the second coming of Mike Richards...he won't stop talking about him, Rob Blake...use your stick not your ass

Best Hockey Memories

Jumping up and down on my parents coffee table as a 12 year old when Pavel Bure scored against Calgary in game 7 of the 94 playoff run!

My Hockey Teams


As a hockey player, I compare to...

That depends. If I'm playing forward I compare to Jaromir Jagr or Peter Forsberg. I possess above average size and am almost impossible to knock of the puck. I'm also an excellent passer and stickhandler. I like to have the puck on my stick and wait for teamates to get open. As a defenseman, which is a new found position for me, I compare with players such as Nicklas Kronwall and PK Subban (Minus the huge open ice hits). I enjoy carrying the puck up the ice, will push other guys around if need be, enjoy blocking shots, and creating offense.

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Matt Berry and Eric Engels

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