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Ideal Cap Situation

Posted March 6, 2015
So I was bored and I came up with the "ideal" cap scenario for an NHL team. Assuming that the average GAA is about 2.5 and there are 82 games, a team would need to score 205 goals to be league average. I also assumed that the salary cap would be $70 million, I then assumed offense is worth 50% of the cap, defense is worth 40% and the goalies 10%. [b][u]FORWARDS[/u][/b] [u]Line 1[/u] can be e... Read More »

Oilers Captain?

Posted August 18, 2013
As many of you know, MacT recently unload Oiler captain Shawn Horcoff to the Dallas Stars in exchange for Phillip Larssen and a 7th round pick. Which I personally think was a great deal because the Oilers were not forced to keep any of Horcoff's salary and we added a young depth defenseman. I digress, the main issue of this blog is to discuss the problem created by moving Horcoff; who will be the... Read More »


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