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I Need a Rant

Posted March 10, 2011
After reading Richard Cloutier's blog on the state of the NHL after the Chara-Patches incident, I figured I too needed to rant a little bit. In this rant, I will touch on favouritism, how Bettman is an idiot, and how everyone else is saying the exact same thing as me. Honestly though, you would be hard-pressed to find a legitimate hockey fan who thinks this is the right decision. Every person I... Read More »

Chris Kelly Trade Insignifigant?

Posted February 26, 2011
Sens lost again. Buffalo wins against the AHL-Senators. Four Sens players picked up points today. Yay offensive depth. Marek Svatos played his first with the Sens after being picked up on waivers. He didn't do anything. Good old Sens. Interesting thought for tonight. Notice any writings, projections, articles, blogs, or other works about the Boston Bruins playoff chances. Clearly their biggest... Read More »

The Alex Kovalev Deal

Posted February 24, 2011
Thank God. With one fell swoop, Ottawa Senators GM Brian Murray cut out the lazy, uncaring, ancient artifact that is Alex Kovalev. Sure we got back nothing significant, but hey, a deal's a deal right? The 6th or 7th round pick we got back wont help the team now. It probobly wont help the team in the long run either. What will help the team however, is clearing Kovalev's 5mil. What else... Read More »

Sens Thoughts

Posted February 23, 2011
New blogger trying out the stuff. I'm a huge hockey fan and I may have some insight that could be interesting to some readers. Lets go to work. The Ottawa Senators are in action tonight against the Florida Panthers. Two teams who have really shit the bed this season, it looks to be a great one... Pfff. Its hard to come by a Senators player who hasn't been mentioned in trade rumours this s... Read More »


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