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In another bold move by [b]Sabres GM Tim Murray[/b], this one coming ahead of the [b]April 1st Mascot Trade Deadline[/b], longtime Mascot "[b]SabreTooth[/b]" has been traded to the [b]Florida Panthers[/b] for a [b]7th round pick[/b] in [b]2019[/b]. Initial reports by [i]SteelOpus[/i] from '[i]diebytheblade[/i]' have been confirmed, sending the beloved Cat to Florida ahead of their playoff push.... Read More »
[i][b]The Elusive Finn[/b][/i] Building on the success of the [b]Where's Waldo[/b] franchise and catching on like wild fire across Sabres' Nation is the [b]Where's Leino[/b][b] Drinking Game[/b]. The elusive Finn has been rumored to have made appearances in various Arenas across the U.S and Canada and has accounted for a substantial Salary hit for the Sabres, but can you spot him on the ice?... Read More »

Darcy was right!

Posted March 17, 2014
[b]"[i]It may require some suffering."[/i][/b]--Darcy Regier, April 2013. Truer words were never spoken than those uttered by our defamed, former General Manager last spring. Still it was a bitter pill to swallow for the beleaguered fans in our crusty post-industrial city, especially coming from the captain of the ship who, while not exactly crashing the franchise into the rocks, was clearly l... Read More »


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