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If I Was MacTavish

Posted March 22, 2014
Craig MacTavish has made some interesting moves this past year. Some good (Perron, Scrivens, Fasth, Hendricks) and some meh but safe (Fraser). MacTavish knows we have to shore up the defense and change the top 6. But will he do anything about it? Hemsky stated, as all Oiler fans have, we cannot keep playing merry-go-round in the bottom 6 and bottom pairing. If we do, hello McDavid! Could we use... Read More »

My take on the 2011 Entry Draft

Posted March 13, 2011
So as an Oilers fan the one thing we have to look forward to is the upcoming draft, so I figure I would give my predictions. Let me know if you agree or what you would change. I am only going to do the top 10 based on the current bottom 10 teams. 1)EDM: Adam Larsson - huge need for an all around defensive force with huge upside 2)OTT: Gabriel Landeskog - power forward type player that ca... Read More »


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