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Sherwood Park, AB • Canada • 34 Years Old • Male
I don't blog very often for good reason, I rarely have much of value to say and when I do I would much rather have a beverage or two then sit down and write. Sadly, after yet another uninspired performance by the Oilers last night, alcohol only dulled the frustrations rather then extinguished them like usual. Yeah, I know...its not healthy to drink away the anger, tell that to my liver. Ra... Read More »

The Death of Depth...

Posted August 3, 2007
I've heard plenty of voices over the past few weeks say that the salaries are spiralling out of control again and that the salary-cap really doesn't mean anything anymore. Obviously, this isn't entirely false inspite of what many fans of my Edmonton Oilers will tell you. Obviously as a whole this won't affect the salary cap as the cap is tied to league revenues. What this will do though is help... Read More »


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