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"my thoughts on the great game of hockey"
canadian in the states, NJ • United States • 36 Years Old • Male


Posted March 12, 2011
thanx to tsn.ca for this http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/jetsmeter/ Read More »
hi all, i just have something to get off my chest. facebook.com is supposed to be a place where you are can speak your mind about everything and anything. not so! i was an admin for a page called addicted hockey fans united. as i said in my introduction, i am anti-bettman, always have been and always will be. i spoke my mind about him, the coyotes and hockey in the sothern states. in ended up... Read More »

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Posted March 12, 2011
Hi fellow hockey nuts! my name is will, i am a life long of the great game of hockey as im sure all of you are. i have loved the toronto maple leafs, pittsburgh penguins and the winnipeg jets(not coyotes) for as long as i can remember. i am very opinionated when it comes to the game and have been booted from addicted hockey fans united for being too opinionated. i love america, but am very pro-ca... Read More »


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