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Buffalo, Washington Over Cap

Posted July 27, 2011
Not sure if some of you realize this but Buffalo and Washington are over the NHL's cap limit. Buffalo is over the cap by $3,595,357. Already an exorbitant number, it will more than likely go up since they still have yet to sign defenseman Marc-Andre Gragnani. Gragnani made $500,000 last season so you could expect some sort of raise. This would put Buffalo above $4 million over the cap limit.... Read More »

NHL Division Realignment

Posted May 25, 2011
The move of the Thrashers to Winnipeg is all but complete at this point. Since this would mean one more team in the Western Conference than in the Eastern Conference, a division realignment is due. Instead of taking my preference into this process, I decided to take two objective approaches. The first method I tried to have each division only include one time zone and when that was not possible... Read More »


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