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Sabres get Beat by Islanders

Posted April 14, 2007
The game in terms of intensity was close.. In terms of Score it was close In terms of goalies it was close In terms of willings to throw body around close In the end Close wasent enough for the Buffalo Sabres as they fall to the Islanders 3-2. Buffalo needs to regroup and come out flying Monday.. Another bad first period could turn this series into Islander advantage Read More »

Islanders 2 Sabres 1 after 1 Period

Posted April 14, 2007
What a game so far. The Islanders have turned up the heat But just when you thought they would turn it up higher..... HERE COME THE SABRES Sabres score late to come within one goal of the Islanders remember [url]sabreschat.com/chat.shtml [/url] Read More »
Here we go again another game and another victory for Buffalo. The score will be 3-2. It will be closer then the other game in terms of score but Buffalo will dominate throughout the game. Islanders have the hitting capability but not the scoring touch. Maybe Satan might decide to show his face during the series. Vanek Drury Zubrus will have goals tonight. Post game report comin... Read More »

15 wins to Go

Posted April 13, 2007
15 wins and Lord Stanley's Cup is comng home to Buffalo 15 Wins and the City of Buffalo gets to celebrate its first championship 15 more wins and that is the end game Read More »

Sabres Win OH MY..... Sabres Win

Posted April 12, 2007
What a game..... 4-1 score. close to the 5-1 prediction This was a solid strong performance by the Sabres. Nothing more and nothing less. Brian "I can score in the playoffs" Campbell brings home two goals and 1 assist. then you have Chris "I will lead you to the promise land" Drury who played one hell of a game and had 2 goals and in goal Ryan "It's Miller time I'm the Brick W... Read More »


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