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Second Chances

Posted March 13, 2011
When I was nine the Flyers won the Stanley Cup. People bought shirts, bumper stickers, soda cans, anything with the Flyer's logo on it. We didn't have a lot of money then. My father was a steel worker and money wasn't just pinched, it was wrung, but I had my eye on something. A glass. It wasn't empty, it was filled by some company with some milk product my father wouldn't have in the house because... Read More »

Reflected in the Ice

Posted February 12, 2011
My son’s world is covered with ice. There’s no doubt about where he really belongs. His happiness and sense of self are tied to his time on ice. Nowhere does he show as much aptitude or love. The cold, the skates, the ice, the wind in his hair, the smile on his face… his place is there, on the frozen water with the containing wooden boards. There, he’s more. More than the kid who strug... Read More »

The Concussion Problem

Posted November 4, 2010
My son is in his third season playing ice hockey. We live is Southeastern Pennsylvania. He started in 5th grade playing Middle School Hockey. While this is the lowest level of organized hockey outside of house leagues it may also be the most dangerous as 5th graders often find themselves lined up against 8th graders. They can find themselves facing competitors four years their senior. The differen... Read More »

Wrestling an Urban Legend Part IV

Posted March 28, 2009
[b]The Legend?[/b] Ken Hitchcock sat in his office and for weeks watched the incumbent Captain of his new team walk quietly by his door. His Captain was a coach killer by his own admission [url]http://www.usatoday.com/sports/hockey/cup/2004-05-13-flyers-hitchcock_x.htm[/url]. Primeau saw the writing on the wall. He was on his way out. A new coach cleaned players like him out to preserve their pow... Read More »

Wrestling an Urban Legend Part III

Posted March 28, 2009
Recchi and Primeau were the only two forwards who had off years, dropping 13 and 25 points respectively. It seemed to me at the time he was taking his frustrations out on what he knew was a lame duck coach who had lost his wife less then six months earlier. He dropped his own failures at Barber’s feet. After he inflicted the damage to his coach and with the stipulation that it couldn’t have be... Read More »

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My first game, Blackhawks-Flyers at the Spectrum in '81/'82. Murray Bannerman vs. Pelle Lindbergh.

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