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Looking back on the Centennial season, the first emotions that come to mind are disappointment and frustration. Did the Canadiens overachieve last year? Probably. Did they underachieve this year? Not in my opinion, if you consider the facts and the obstacles the 2008-09 Canadiens had to face all season long. First of all, the team's President, Pierre Boivin, has not helped his team's caus... Read More »

A Bad Ending to a Terrible Movie

Posted December 19, 2008
"At least it's over." That's the typical reaction after sitting through an awful movie...which, more often than not, culminate with an equally bad ending. I think the same can be said about the media-dubbed "Mats Sundin Saga". Is there a bigger hypocrite in the NHL right now? I don't think so. He may not be quite as bad as Brett Favre in that regard, but Mats Sundin's decision-making and th... Read More »


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