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Last night was the most significant win in the young history of the Nashville Predators. It was not the best game the Predators ever played. It was not an upset or a comeback for the ages. It was not a dominant performance. It didn't include the greatest goals, saves, or hits in Predator history. It wasn't a game that will go down in the NHL history books for anything that happened on the... Read More »
Collectively, the West has a 57-31-7 against the East, yet 5 of the top 8 teams in the rankings are in the East...? Only one team from the West that has played 4 or more games against the East has a losing record against the East: Chicago at 3-4-1. Two teams are 1-2 against the East: San Jose and Minnesota. Only one team in the East has had real success against the West: Pittsburgh at... Read More »
It has been a tough couple months to be a fan of the Nashville Predators. It has been painful to watch great hockey fans on this site have a feeding frenzy over the possible relocation of our team, and it has been extremely frustrating watching media and bloggers embellish facts and just plain tell complete lies to help their case that the city of Nashville does not "deserve" a hockey team.... Read More »


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