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Team To Watch: Dallas Stars

Posted February 14, 2008
I'm going to be doing a series of these, with a new team each day. Today we look at the Dallas Stars, who continue their search for a scoring winger to play with Modano. This search has been ongoing for years with very little success. In the offseason the Stars tried very hard for Jason Blake and Slava Kozlov, only to lose out on both. The Stars hoped to get their winger last deadline in Nag... Read More »

Hockeyleaks Blogger Irate!

Posted October 19, 2007
I can't tell you how many emails i've recieved today about the Panthers loss last night. I can't tell you the number of blogs I've read today by angry Panthers' fans. I'm going to call a blogger out right now, in fact... http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=10356 Never have I read more of an annoying blog in my life. Yes, I'm a Leaf fan, but I'm also a hockey fan, and I watched the gam... Read More »

Stop Bashing Mark Bell

Posted August 17, 2007
I want to make a comment about all the Mark Bell talk this week. Every media person I've read this week has had nothing nice to say about the troubled winger, and even less to say about John Ferguson Jr. We all know I'm a leaf fan, so I may have bias towards them, but in no way do I agree with any of what is being said about Bell. The Toronto Sun's Steve Simmons wrote a nasty article today abou... Read More »

Trade Winds Are Blowing...

Posted June 11, 2007
As we approach the draft, several teams are looking to free up cap room to either make a bigger trade, or sign a big name free agent (and if you've checked out our top 35 list, there are a lot of tem). With this activity, the rumours are starting to swirl. The Leafs would love to move one of their two high-priced defenseman. Freeing up the 5+ million that both Kubina and McCabe make would allow... Read More »
Ted Saskin has been fired as head of the NHLPA. Who is your choice to replace him? And do you think firing Saskin was the right move? Read More »