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Roenick Isn't Wrong

Posted January 17, 2012
Even a broken clock is right twice a day, a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut...there are a million colloquialisms that could be used to describe Jeremy Roenick's broadcast career. However in this case, I'm going with he hit the nail on the head. Read the full article on prohockeytalk.com here: [url]http://prohockeytalk.nbcsports.com/2012/01/17/trade-talk-makes-for-a-profane-ryan-miller/... Read More »

Northeast Numbers Vol. 2

Posted December 5, 2011
We're just beyond the one third portion of the NHL schedule, and the divisional races are beginning to take shape. The Northeast Division is as tightly contested as they come as the entire division is separated by a mere 6 points. The next closest division races in the league are both 12 point margins in the Southeast and Pacific divisions. Here's where we stand in the Northeast: [u]Records:... Read More »

Darcy For a Day

Posted November 21, 2011
Let's re-enact the plot from the seminal classic "Trading Places" with Eddie Murphy and Dan Akroyd. I have a full day ahead of me as the Sabres new head honcho and while the very confused Darcy Regier spends the next 8 hours trying to find my car keys and navigate the rough and tumble Jersey neighborhoods, I have some phone calls to make. [b]8am- [/b]I just entered the office after a coffee st... Read More »

The Buffalo and the Cerberus

Posted November 15, 2011
Right now the Buffalo Sabres remind me of Cerberus the three headed hound from Greek mythology. In this case however, instead of a menacing multi-headed beast guarding the entrance to the Underworld, the Sabres have their own triple threat in Vanek, Roy, and Pominville. Thomas Vanek (11g, 11a, 22pts) is tied for second in the NHL in scoring, despite averaging less time on ice per game than any... Read More »

Roster Shakeup, Jury Out on Sabres

Posted October 31, 2011
The word is out that Lindy Ruff has decided to mix things up with his top lines. Leino will be skating alongside Vanek and Pominville, while the rookie Luke Adam will play on a line with Roy, and Stafford. The changes shouldn't come as a surprise, given the slow start by nearly every top 6 forward not named Thomas or Jason. Yes Luke Adam got off to a hot start, but he has cooled considerably in... Read More »


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Favorite Teams

Buffalo Sabres

Most Hated Teams

I try to be objective when blogging, but as a fan i can't help but harbor some resentment. Primarily towards Ottawa, Toronto, and New Jersey.

Favorite Players

Sergei Federov, Alexander Mogilny, Pat Lafontaine, Pavel Bure, and of course Dominik Hasek. I need a current player to get on this list. Thomas Vanek is headed in the right direction.

Most Hated Players

I don't hate any players, but i strongly dislike Chris Neill.

Best Hockey Memories

Getting hit in the back of the head with a Rob Ray slapshot (he never was that accurate!) in the pre-game shoot around against NJ. Then having someone from the Sabres personnel come down to meet me and take me to get my jersey autographed!

My Hockey Teams

My career is over, now I'm just a fan.

As a hockey player, I compare to...

I tried to be an amalgamation of Federov, LaFontaine, and Theo Fleury.

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Follow me on twitter @SabreHess ,Read my Sabres blogs here and on hockeytracker.net