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Crazy trade Buffalo should make

Posted February 8, 2012
Buffalo has been in the rumor alot lately and here are my thoughts........ [i]Buf trades Stafford, Roy, Sekera, Gragnani, 1st rnd pick & conditional 2nd rnd pick to Nashville for Weber, Wilson(their #2 line center) and conditional 3rd & 4th rnd picks[/i] [b]THESE ARE JUST MY THOUGHTS.......crazy as usual[/b] Read More »

Crazy tade Buffalo style

Posted February 8, 2012
Well seeing how Buffalo as of late have been on a winning streak, not to mention all of the trade rumors around Pegulaville; Buffalo is in search of a trade. [b]Here are my thoughts:[/b] Trade: Roy,Stafford,Sekera,Gragnani, 1st rnd pick, 2nd rnd pick (conditional) to Nashville for Weber, Wilson, and 3rd & 4th rnd picks (conditional) N... Read More »


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When Marty Biron got in a fight back a few years ago with Ray Emery or Robert Esche of Philly.....then everyone fought that game.

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