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Canucks Jerseys

Posted September 10, 2007
Alright, this probably should be a dead issue, since the Canucks already wasted their million dollars on designing their new jerseys for this upcoming season. The least they could have done was look at their practice jerseys before showing the other ones off to the world. I was looking through some of the posts on canucks.com about the rookie camp, saw some pictures of them practicing on the ice... Read More »

Predators to KC?!?!?!?!

Posted June 29, 2007
I admit, when I first saw the headline on TSN this morning my stomach dropped. Not that I have anything against the people of Nashville, or feel a lot of joy out of ripping a team away from them, but I was hoping that the move to Hamilton would work out because it would be good for the game, for the NHL. Nashville has proven, over the last 10 years that it is not a hockey market. Leipold himself h... Read More »


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