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We've been had!!

Posted September 9, 2011
As die hard Buffalo Sabres fans, we have certainly had to suffer through our share of disappointments. Beyond that, we have also hung on every word of hope sent to us from owners and managers. Who could forget John Rigas standing before a crowd in downtown Buffalo, declaring that he was going to supply the tools to "get the job done" Looking back, I am not quite sure exactly what job he was tal... Read More »

Things I miss!

Posted September 5, 2011
Welcome to my first blog! Hopefully I will bring a fresh perspective to your Buzz experience. Here is what I promise. I will spell check my blog. I will speak from experience, in what I know and not how I can impress you. I am not an insider, don't pretend to know all the players nick names and if I don't won't disrespect the player by giving him a new one. I won't share my music interests... Read More »


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