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I feel like I've seen this before

Posted December 8, 2011
Maybe this is a bad time to write this. I'm always pretty harsh on my Sharks, but sorting out my thoughts on them during a skid that has repeatedly exposed every flaw that this team has to offer is a terrible idea. I'm supposed to be thinking positive and productive thoughts, not coming down from a bender, weeping in my unlit apartment alone with no shirt and just a pair of shorts(I'm going com... Read More »

Doug Wilson - Wheelin' and Dealin'

Posted September 19, 2011
Training camp has started. Wait, that means hockey is right around the corner. Oh, thank God. I don't know if I can stomach any more baseball. Sharks General Manager Doug Wilson is no stranger to the trade market, and today we're going to look in to whether this has been for the better of the team or not and what to look for as the season progresses. Wilson has long been willing to throw dow... Read More »
Being a Sharks fan requires a tough stomach. Every year, we watch our team fail when it should succeed. We follow every big trade Doug Wilson makes and consistently say 'Ah! We overpaid!' Sometimes those trades work(Thornton/Boyle), sometimes they don't(Campbell/Guerin/Heatley). We're hoping for the best with Havlat/Burns. We never land big free agents. These predicaments aren't exclusive t... Read More »

State of the San Jose Sharks

Posted September 7, 2011
The dust is starting to settle. The pain of another baffling 'shot-yourselves-in-the-foot' playoff ouster is starting to subside. We're not even to training camp yet, but we've had a chance to reflect on a season that was disappointing in result but promising to build on. If you feel like you've had that thought before about the Sharks, you aren't alone. But reflecting on a season that could have... Read More »


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