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"Challenging the NHL refs"
Vancouver, BC • Canada •
Wouldn’t it be nice if just once Ron MacLean actually challenged one of Don Cherry’s outlandish assertions and made him support it with some substance? Seriously though, if you throw in a few Cherry-wanna-be’s, like Mike Milbury or Doug MacLean, the so-called expert analysis segment of your favourite hockey program is filled to the brim with unsupported rhetoric from former executives who... Read More »
Obviously fans and coaches alike appreciate grit and the willingness to go into the tough areas of the ice, but what seems to be equally valuable, even if it is at a sub-conscious level, is the ability to curl the upper lip and stare right through a player as though you’re going to rip his heart out. More than one NHLer has backed away from Kevin Bieksa after realizing that his animal instinc... Read More »

The Luongo Effect

Posted October 27, 2011
While geneticists on Terra Nova hope to head off global warming (oops! Climate change nowadays) by discovering the insidious Luongo genome, NBA owners and players are at an impasse over whether or not Booby Lu is in fact responsible for all of the woes facing pro sports today. A bit of a stretch you say? Well, considering that callers to Vancouver sports radio shows are now attempting to pin an... Read More »


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