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Connolly/Good, Bad, and Ugly vs NJ/

Posted December 13, 2011
What a mess. First Connolly goes down at the world junior camp with an injury (although we are told it is nothing serious, and he was back at it Monday playing in an intrasquad game for Team Canada), and then we see yet another game lost by the Lightning. Watching the Lightning/Devils game, you have to think it was a good thing to get Connolly out of this environment. He is in strong competitio... Read More »
So a crazy game against the New York Rangers: Artem Anisimov scores a goal on Garon, and then to celebrate, he turns back to the net and pretends to fire a gun with his stick towards Garon in net. Since it was a celebration that took aim at the opposing team (literally), its not a big surprise that this is unsportsmanlike conduct, and that the Lightning took exception to it. Right away Lecavali... Read More »

Reaction to Fans over reaction:

Posted December 7, 2011
Quick thoughts on the Lightning, and fans reactions: (1)I hear the suggestion of a team meeting, as if it`s the answer to all of the Lightning’s problems. We have seen it happen with various teams in recent memory with good results. The thing is, meetings are held all the time, so it's kind of silly to suggest having one, and I think Players-Only meetings are blown way out of proportion, with... Read More »

Losing streak

Posted December 7, 2011
Does anyone else hate Philadelphia right about now? To point out the obvious, the Lightning simply have not been the same ever since the Flyers pulled their little stunt and the Lightning somehow took the blame. 9 out of the 12 games since that game, have resulted in Tampa losses. Keeping it PG: Yikes. But as much as I'd like to blame the Flyers for everything, there has to be more to it tha... Read More »
[b]Hedman:[/b] So we are hearing that Hedman is very close, and may have actually agreed to a new contract extension (just needs to sign the dotted line). If the figures are true (around $4M per year for 5 years), then this is a great day to be a Bolts fan. I would have expected a higher cap hit, or a shorter term for him. This is slightly more money than Schenn, less than tavares or Myers. A... Read More »


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