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Posted June 5, 2007
WHy is there no talk about that bone-headed shot at Niedermayer at the end of the 2nd period. Captain Danny should have to sit game 5 after that classless attempt to injure the Duck's captain, a real captain. The NHL is just showing another example of how they continue to be a mediocre league and let this headhunting go on. Does the NBA allow players to throw the basketball at the opposing pl... Read More »


Posted May 22, 2007
Well, Ottawa wiped the Sabres off the map in 5. It was a very dissappointing end to a terrific season. Ottawa is a one line offensive wonder, and 2-3 lines of unbeatable defense. Ottawa is no longer a run n gun team that we think they are. They have one line that can score, and thats it. Alfie, Spez, Heatley scored every goal for the senators in rounds 2 and 3, no other line scored (except fi... Read More »


Posted May 16, 2007
This could all be it for the Buffalo Sabres, like Custard's Last stand..... their backs are against the wall, they should come out like a raging bull. Thats what we thought would happen in game 3 but no one showed up. The brooms will be out tonite in Kanata just west of the nation's capital. In game 4 look for Lindy to try to put someting together that will get some offense generated. The... Read More »


Posted May 15, 2007
A disappointing loss in game 3. The Sens demoralized the Sabres in a 1-0 victory. The sabres are on the brink of extinction now. The power play was brutal once agaain, but at least the pk didnt let a goal in. I think the asst. coaches who run the power play should be fired The fearsome foursome is non-existent. They need to step it up. Every player except Miller, Max, and Lydman should g... Read More »


Posted May 14, 2007
Not much to say, except Buffalo needs to get better on the special teams They need to score some on the power play and they need to stop the Ottawa power play. Party at my house for the game Read More »