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Carter to LA was a steal- part II

Posted June 15, 2012
Back in February, I wrote a blog about Jeff Carter being traded to the Kings and how I felt it was a huge steal for Los Angeles. Carter in any other year would have been tough to trade for with out having to give up more players/prospects, but the Kings hit perfect timing in grabbing him from a team (Columbus) who wanted nothing more to do with him. I thought Carter would help the Kings lack of sc... Read More »

What is in Timmy's head....????

Posted June 5, 2012
Tim Thomas had one of the best goaltending seasons of all time in 2010-2011, and in the Stanley Cup Finals he posted a .967 save percentage (a cup record). Thomas was the biggest part to the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup for the first time in 39 years. He was great with the fans, and the media, always answering questions in his own quirky way (of course until the White House fiasco th... Read More »
"Diving." When you think of diving in the NHL, you think of the Vancouver Canucks. Now, in watching the Western Conference finals, Phoenix goalie Mike Smith has been acting like he has been shot whenever someone comes near his net. Smith's play has been outstanding in the first two rounds, and is the only reason Phoenix has made it this far, but the way he is acting in these playoffs and this seri... Read More »

Carter to LA was a steal

Posted February 25, 2012
Jeff Carter was a stud in Philly with multi 30 plus goal seasons. To this day I still think the Flyers shot themselves in the foot getting rid of Richards and Carter. Getting Jeff Carter for Jack Johnson and a pick is a steal. Two years ago if the Kings ever tried to go after Carter while he was with the Flyers, they would have had to pay a steep price for the 30 goal scorer. With Columbus kicking... Read More »
Mike Richards you can say hasn't been the same player since his head injury this year, and not having great line mates most of the time (i.e. Penner) can't help either, but is there something more behind it? Is Los Angeles where good hockey players go to die? Some people have said there is less pressure playing in Los Angeles than let's say Philadelphia, New York or Boston. Is that the key that is... Read More »


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