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Random Oilers Thoughts

Posted August 29, 2012
[b]Random Oilers Thoughts - The "[i]I forgot my password[/i]" edition. [/b] Yes folks, I am back after taking a few months off. Why did I come back? I never wanted to leave actually. I forgot my password/user name. Lame. I'm sure a quick email to the site admin would of helped but for whatever reason never fired one off. Oh well, no doubt everyone has had their fill of Oilers talk what with Yak... Read More »

My Intro - My New Blog

Posted May 20, 2012
I have been chomping at the bit now for about two and a half years and finally did something about it today. I was at one point in my life a paid hockey writer. Not paid very much mind you, but monthly deposits were being sent to my Paypal account. I had the glorious task of being a staff writer for Hockey's Future. My main beat was the Minnesota Wild. Think about that for a second. Hockey's Futur... Read More »


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