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Bros, Many Torontonians find themselves qualified to do the job of Brian Burke. Toronto and the surrounding GTA is infected by a plague of arm-chair GM's who believe themselves to be educated and well versed on the inner-workings of the National Hockey Leaue. I happen to be one of these "arm-chair GM's" yet wish to bring a more level headed perspective to the situation. My Hockey Buzz and Bleac... Read More »
Bros, This is my first post on Hockeybuzz.com and i thought I would introduce myself to plethora of readers i am sure i have acquired. I am like many of you out there, a Toronto Maple Leaf fan. For almost a decade we have not seen the light of the playoffs, and im starting to get pretty rattled. No team deserves a drought like this, let alone the most popular, and one of the most storied franchise... Read More »


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