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Masters of Negotiation?

Posted October 24, 2012
After seeing the article yesterday evening on Yahoo Sports that the NHLPA offered to Tuesday to sit down and talk on Wednesday, I found myself a little disgusted. Yes, more disgusted than I already was with this whole process. Apparently, the NHL advised that did not feel it is necessary to talk if the NHLPA did not have a new proposal to bring to the table. Am I missing something here. I thoug... Read More »

Collateral Damage

Posted October 8, 2012
As frustrating as the lockout is for me and the many wonderful hockey fans, I had the realization that this affects many people in a much more personal manner. Without the NHL season many are out of work or have a reduced income. As we all know the economy is not running strong at the moment and many struggle week to week or month to month already. The lockout has a trickle down effect on many... Read More »

The Temperature Rises

Posted October 4, 2012
Fans now are starting to see the light. Neither side is really all that concerned about the fans (which we all knew at heart). Up until recently, at least the players had some sympathy, but that is support is eroding quickly. At this point I have passed the point of frustration into the realm of downright angry! At the very least can you sit in a room and talk or make an attempt to negotiate a... Read More »
Today is yet another milestone in the hockey fans emotional roller coaster. Each time I resolve the idea of not having hockey, hope springs up that maybe there will be a resolution to the lockout. I know that I would prefer it to be over and just have hockey, but I am a little tired of getting my hopes up only to have them squashed by the egos and nonsense that is the CBA negotiations. On pape... Read More »

Fuzzy Math

Posted September 17, 2012
I will be the first to admit that I do not have the slightest details necessary to account for the inflow and outflow of money from the owners perspective. I am sure they employ a staff of many to crunch these numbers on a daily basis. That being said, lets do a little math. I am going to use round numbers here so hang in there with me. The point is not the specific numbers but at what point th... Read More »


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