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"All Oilers (most of the time)"
Edmonton, AB • Canada • 50 Years Old • Male
It's been interesting reading all the comments from Canadian hockey fans (I'm one of them) assuming that Bettman has a thing against Canada and continues to ignore us as a relocation market for troubled American teams. The reality is simple - the NHL and the Owners will not give Canadian markets away for free, especially another market in Ontario. Ontario is the Boardwalk of the NHL's Real Est... Read More »
So everyone seems to be getting over the fact that Kevin Lowe has broken the “unwritten rule” regarding RFA’s and now it’s more of an issue about the dollar amount of the contract. Now I know that as sports fans we are all, especially the professional sports writers, experts in economics. At least it sure seems that way lately? With the salary cap we have a ceiling that all teams are force... Read More »


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