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Kane to Montreal?

Posted July 9, 2012
I love it. Pat Kane would light up the lamp for us. The rumour (per Hockeybuzz writer John Jaeckel) is Pat Kane and Nick Hjalmarsson for Tomas Plekanec and P.K Subban. Not only does this deal make sense for both teams, it is a PURE hockey trade at its finest. Hawks need a second line centre and an OFD with edginess. They get exactly that with Plekanec and Subban. Montreal, needs a top line sco... Read More »
Just watching some TSN, and there is speculation that the Habs will trade P.K Subban and the 3rd overall pick to the Oilers for the 1st overall pick. Straight up, I think this is a bad deal for the Habs. Trading a young, semi-proven, future star in Subban and the 3rd overall pick for essentially Nail Yakupov (completely unproven) . I would totally take this deal if Edmonton was willing to offer up... Read More »

Who should the Habs draft?

Posted June 17, 2012
Hello, this is my first blog at Hockeybuzz (obviously) and I should introduce myself. I go by Gator26 (Gator was my highschool handle) and I adore the Habs. Ever since child birth, I've seemed to enjoy to watch them play (maybe not last season) but nonetheless, they still have my heart. Recently just got ink'd actually, the logo is now part of my body. Sounds odd when I say it like that, but I hav... Read More »


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