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Hello, this is my first blog at Hockeybuzz (obviously) and I should introduce myself. I go by Gator26 (Gator was my highschool handle) and I adore the Habs. Ever since child birth, I've seemed to enjoy to watch them play (maybe not last season) but nonetheless, they still have my heart. Recently just got ink'd actually, the logo is now part of my body. Sounds odd when I say it like that, but I have an extreme passion. Anyways, to the blog.

After reading mock drafts ALL season, everyone knows the usual order by now. Yakupov first, Murray second, Grigorenko third. I would be fine with Grigorenko (often draws comparisons to Evgeni Malkin). That being said, I have a few scenarios of what would happen in my head.

Scenario #1

Edmonton: Nail Yakupov

Columbus: Ryan Murray

Montreal: Mikhail Grigorenko

Scenario #2

Edmonton: Ryan Murray

Columbus: Nail Yakupov

Montreal: Mikhail Grigorenko

Scenario #3

Edmonton: Nail Yakupov

Columbus: Mikhail Grigorenko

Montreal: Ryan Murray

Let me discuss this for a minute. Edmonton will no doubt take Yakupov or Murray 1st overall. It really shouldn't affect who Montreal takes. But, if Columbus goes and takes Grigorenko 2nd, Montreal would be almost FORCED to take Murray 3rd. Even though Montreal is deep on D and fans want to see a scoring top 3 forward, you don't leave a player like Murray on the board. But, there is one more possibility.

Scenario #4

Edmonton: Yakupov

Columbus: Murray

Montreal: Galchenyuk

Yes, at this point I'd rather have Alex Galchenyuk then Grigorenko. Why? Check it out for yourself.

Strengths – Galchenyuk is a big, play-making center who can skate very well; especially for his size. He has outstanding vision, hockey sense and is a great passer. He’s always very aware of where everyone is and will be on the ice, and he uses that to his advantage. Galchenyuk uses his big body well to create space for himself in the slot and on the boards. He has a very underrated shot, exceptional release and is very accurate. He can not only produce offensively night-in night-out, but he’s also very good defensively and understands that taking care of things in his own end is as important as producing at the other end of the ice. He also has outstanding hands and can often be found stick-handling in phone booths.

Weaknesses – There’s not much Galchenyuk can’t do, but one area he could improve on is his physical game. He has the body frame to be a physical player, but at this point in his career it’s just not his style. He can be an exceptional player without delivering bone crushing hits regularly, but given his size he could certainly be a little meaner.

Career Projection – First line (#1) Centre

Sounds like the player Montreal needs, if you ask me. Anyways guys, just a blog to get myself out there. Based on feedback, you may or may not see more of me in the future. Have a great Father's Day!
June 19, 2012 7:36 PM ET | Delete
Gator26.....I think you present some good ideas however I don't think that the Habs have any interest in Murray or any other D-man in the first round. They have needed a big offensive centreman for years and this is the year that they can possibly grab one in Galchenyuk. If not him, I look for them to take Faksa or Forsberg. IMO
June 19, 2012 7:38 PM ET | Delete
I would also suggest that they will steer clear of Grigorenko....he is this years Angelo Esposito. Ranked high, will be drafted a lot lower and then fizzle out and play in Russia. IMO
June 19, 2012 9:43 PM ET | Delete
I'm pretty sure Grigorenko isn't on the habs radar anymore, I think its far more likely that they either take Galchenyuk or forsberg at this point.
June 19, 2012 11:48 PM ET | Delete
I watched the Bergevin interview on TSN today and much to my surprise he stated that "you can never have too many defencemen"! Not saying this means that the Habs will take a D-man but I was still surprised. However, I will stick with Galchenyuk as my first choice.
June 21, 2012 11:42 AM ET | Delete
I really doubt we take a D with first pick I just can not see that happening, good blog and you make some good points.
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