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Posted April 16, 2008
Well, well, well what do you know? The Ducks CAN stay out of the penalty box and play some consistent pressure hockey when they feel like it. For 40 minutes, anyway. Anaheim did a fine job in the first two periods of taking the game to Dallas, who ended up on their heels with a 4-0 deficit. Unfortunately, in the third period, the Ducks went back to their bad habits of games 1 & 2, and it n... Read More »
Hi, it's me again........the relatively new hockey fan. I want to talk about something I've been remiss in not mentioning before: The great fans of the great sport of hockey. I've been to football games where fans cursed each other and got in fights. I've been to baseball games where the same has happened. I have yet to see such behavior in the fans I'm come in contact with at hockey games.... Read More »


Posted June 9, 2007
Well now, I've had a few days to savor all that I saw and heard at Game 5 of the Stanley Cup finals, and I have some thoughts to impart. I was a very lukewarm hockey follower for a number of years, and got more serious behind it about 4 years ago. I became a Ducks fan because they were the perpetual joke of the NHL, and a long-suffering underdog to the L.A. Kings across town. Even seve... Read More »

LET'S GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted May 23, 2007
Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Ducks finally played their best hockey of the playoff run!!! Only took til Game 6 of the Conference Finals, but better late than never!! As a loyal Ducks fan, I must say that I was truly impressed with the game that Anaheim brought against Detroit last night. The passing was great, the skating was beautiful, and the Ducks made a point of sending an early message to t... Read More »

Game 4: Ducks 5, Red Wings 3

Posted May 19, 2007
Well, this was certainly a much better result than Game 3. After how brutally treated the Ducks were on Tuesday night, I was quite apprehensive about how the officiating would be. It was great to have the initial goal scored so soon in the contest. The fact that the Wings tied it up shortly thereafter did not seem to take away from the emotional lift that 1st goal gave the team. It was great... Read More »


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