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My Crazy 3-Way: Tor-Win-NYI

Posted February 19, 2016
With the trade deadline inching closer and closer, it's that time of year for us hockey fans to think up those wild trade scenarios that just might make sense. The real key to these proposals it to try to justify it from all sides to make it almost believable. Does it fit the teams needs? Does it work with the cap? Is it a fair value of talent? etc. What i came up with: [b]To Leafs:[/b] Troub... Read More »

Expansion Draft/Making Vegas Competitive

Posted December 10, 2015
A topic that has been discussed more as of late with the owners meeting is the possible expansion. A huge road block being discussed is whether players with NTC's and NMC's will be made available for expansion teams. Another will likely be the salary cap as the last expansion was before it was implemented. As a whole, I think the expansion could benefit all parties involved. The owners get expansi... Read More »

My 1st blog/Leafs Goalie Rumours

Posted December 4, 2015
1st off, I've been following this site for years and have always enjoyed the perspective of other fans, even if I don't personally agree with them. The trade rumours are like hockey fans version of those "Who's Cheating on Who and Getting a Divorce" magazines you always see when checking out at the grocery store. Most of it is complete BS yet we always seem to come back. I want to address a re... Read More »


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