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1st off, I've been following this site for years and have always enjoyed the perspective of other fans, even if I don't personally agree with them. The trade rumours are like hockey fans version of those "Who's Cheating on Who and Getting a Divorce" magazines you always see when checking out at the grocery store. Most of it is complete BS yet we always seem to come back.

I want to address a recent rumour i read that the Leafs were looking to make a trade for a goaltender. They should not be looking for a proven starter as they are not contending anytime soon but should be looking for a potential future starter. A trade similar to what they were hoping Bernier to be. This is not to say one of Sparks or Bibeau, who have shown potential (Sparks is currently 1st in AHL save %) couldn't become that player. I personally think trading Gibson was a mistake, as he is a 22 year old with top 10 AHL numbers but only time will tell.

Matt Murray
Without a doubt, the best prospect in the Penguins system and a key contributor to the success Wilkes-Scranton is riding. You could argue that this is the best goalie that isn't in the NHL. With MAF signed as the starter for another 3 years and the Pens clearly in win now mode, would they be willing to move their best prospect?

Anaheim Ducks
John Gibson is a highly regarded 22 year old and could potentially be an elite goaltender in the future. His contract is a remarkable $2.3M for the next 3 years and there is absolutely no rush to move him. But is he their goalie of the future? Andersen is 26 years old and a RFA at years-end, would the Ducks look to move him for immediate help?

Calvin Pickard
A former 1st round (18th overall) pick of the Avalanche, he is 8-1 in the AHL with a .927 save percentage. At 23 years old, he'll be looking for his NHL shot soon but will it happen is Colorado with Varlamov signed long term? I think it'd cost a King's Ransom to acquire Pickard if the Avs are even willing to move him but definitely an option worth exploring.

Zach Fucale
In a similar situation to Pickard, it's unlikely Fucale will be the goalie of the future in Montreal as long as Carey Price is around especially with the the emergence of Condon, who has shown he can be a serviceable backup. Not quite ready for the NHL, Fucale has shown glimpses as a starter for Team Canada. But then again, so did Justin Pogge. Would Montreal even consider moving him to a rival? What about to make a Cup run?

Mackenzie Blackwood
Admittedly, I am a fan of his and was really hoping the Leafs would take a shot at him at the draft. A possible 2nd round steal for the Devils, he has been lights out for the Barrie Colts this year. Even with Schneider signed until 2022, I doubt NJ will look to move him. Maybe the Jersey ties to Lou might come into play?

Nobody knows for sure what the future holds for this team. But I do believe that for the 1st time in my lifespan, the future really does look bright. Are there any young goalies that I've missed? What do you think these guys would cost in a trade to acquire? Let me know how I did for my 1st blog and maybe any topics you might want me to cover in the future.
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Chris Gibson???
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totally agree with you mate. i doubt the leafs will be trading for a goalie anytime soon. although the future in net seems incredibly shady, only time will tell if sparks/ bernier show improvement in net, and bibeau is only in his what, second year of pro hockey? I doubt the leafs will trade or do anything drastic. What they probably will do however, is highly target the next up and coming college UFA goalie, or go after 1 or 2 in the draft to restock the pipeline
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Honestly yeah we do need to trade for a goalie. A servicable one on a short contract. Reimer is off contract end of the year and doubting he is coming back. Bernier has struggled and remains to be seen if he can bounce back or not, but clearly a change of scenery is in order for him at this point. Sparks and Bibeau have potential but honestly a top tier starter potential? Not sure there. A veteran guy with experience and who can play still is in order to see on Sparks and Bibeau. Reality is I highly doubt teams will trade off solid higher potential goalies and we cant be wasting draft picks on them so what are we going to trade? Spare parts? I just dont see it happening. More likely a vet with some salary and a couple years on a contract comes in and we move Reims and or Bernier I would think.
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just use Reimer till we get our ducks in a row, hes a good company guy. Worry bout the tender in 2 years time and who knows maybe we stumble onto one within our system
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