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Very early in his career, Gagne was placed into a defensive role by Mike Keenan in Philadelphia, and therefore he became solid defensively and carved out a niche. - Ek • Canada • 2012 Years Old • Male

Do you Rebuild With or Without Iginla?

Posted November 9, 2010
Our poor Calgary Flames. I'm now on the side that a rebuild in the very near future is inevitable. This year, or next, what's the difference? They aren't contenders. This is an aging team of mostly past-their-prime/underachieving/overpaid vets. I don't see it magically getting better. (But I'd love to be wrong). I also no longer believe the mythical trade for a 1st line center is turning thi... Read More »
The biggest change this year for the Flames isn't going to be the loss of Cammy and Bertuzzi. Or Aucoin. (And certainly not Vandermeer.) Or the dependence on youngsters due to cap issues. It isn't even going to be the signing of J. Bo. It's going to be Brent Sutter. He's going to (hopefully) bring the structured system and accountability this team has been sorely lacking for at least... Read More »