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Well, it's early, perhaps too early to be writing this, but where would the fun be if we didn't jump in and make some observations at this point? As I wrote just prior to the season, the short season could result in some surprising results, for both individual players and for teams, both good and bad. As examples, I stated that some teams who would normally be a lock to be contenders could stumble... Read More »
That sound you may have heard over the last few days, as NHL teams have hosted their first games, is the collective sigh of relief coming from all associated with the League, as it appears that the fan interest (so far) is fully intact. The threats of boycotts, both physical and financial, have to this point been just that, threats, and haven't translated into reality. Hockey Night in Canada poste... Read More »

What To Do About Bobby Lu

Posted January 22, 2013
An already difficult situation in Vancouver may have become even more complicated over this past weekend. There has been a bright spotlight placed on the goal crease at the Canucks end of the rink, and everyone has been paying close attention to the "Luongo Situation". It was all supposed to be quite simple; Roberto Luongo was supposed to be traded as soon as the ink was dry on the legal paperwork... Read More »
How is it that there could be a player making so much money that he couldn’t play in the NHL, and needed to be sent to the minors, and at the same time there could be a player making so much money, that he couldn’t be sent to the minors, and needed to play in the NHL? Well, that’s essentially the description of the more than slightly odd circumstances that Wade Redden and Scott Gomez have fo... Read More »
The firing of Brian Burke in Toronto should serve as a clarion call to other executives and coaches in the NHL, alerting them to the fact that the natives are restless. As bizarre as the timing of the Leafs removing Burke is, it only serves to reinforce the heightened sense of urgency that many franchises have, not just the Maple Leafs. However, in the case of the Leafs, the questions will not rev... Read More »


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Montreal Canadiens Ottawa Senators

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Toronto Maple Leafs, New York Yankees (not hockey I know, but I REALLY hate the Yankees)

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Ever - Guy Lafleur, Current - Daniel Alfredsson, Mike Fisher, Shane Doan

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Sean Avery

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Taking my wife's terminally ill Uncle to his first and only Senators game, despite the fact that he lived 5 minutes drive from the rink.

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A really short Hal Gill

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Eklund (of course)

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