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"New to the game (not hockey, blogging)"
Edmonton, AB • Canada •

It's a Good Day, Must Be Friday

Posted January 11, 2013
What a wonderful day, I'm playing a show tonight with my band [www.deathbyrobot.ca], I took the day off work, I'm sitting here with a hot cup of Timmy's and hockey talk is in full swing. What more could I ask for? Not a whole lot me thinks. Anywho I figured today would be a good day to attempt a blog that actually discussed the Edmonton Oilers and my thoughts on the team going forward. I hav... Read More »


Posted January 8, 2013
Welcome to my very first blog. I know that I am mostly writing to myself at this point in time but perhaps eventually 2 maybe even 3 people might stumble across one of my collections of ramblings. I should start with a little bit about myself: I'm certainly not a writer by no stretch of the imagination. I have no professional background, I did the minimum English requirements in school and t... Read More »


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