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Brian Burke; Re: Team USA

Posted January 2, 2014
Dear Brian Burke, You are a complete and total idiot. That is all. Yours truly, Oilersrule66 Read More »

Oilers Training Camp Overview to Date

Posted September 21, 2013
Hey Everybody! Follow me on twitter! @oilersrule66 Here's some of the thoughts I have of the Oilers Training camp so far. * Darnell Nurse is impressing after a disappointing training camp. He is looking NHL ready and could work his way onto the Oilers roster for the first 9 games of the season but is still likely gonna be sent down as the Oilers have a logjam of defenders and Nurse is sti... Read More »

Hemsky OFFICIALLY off the Market (For now)

Posted September 11, 2013
Follow me on twitter: [b]@oilersaddict6[/b] Well, according to MacTavish's press conference this week, Ales Hemsky is officially off the market. At least, that's what MacTavish is saying publicly. What this press conference is actually telling fans is, "We couldn't find a team stupid enough to give us anything of value for Hemsky so he's starting the season in Edmonton. Deal with it." T... Read More »

Oilers vs. Flames Prospects game Summary

Posted September 7, 2013
Follow me on twitter: @oilersaddict6 Finally! Hockey season is finally upon us after 2 months of agonizing waiting. NHLers are reporting to camp, CHL and Jr. A across the country is starting up and all the kids in minor hockey are stepping on the ice for the first time since April. Good times, good times. Amougnst all these events there is a tournement in Penticton, BC with the best and mos... Read More »
Follow me on twitter: [b]@oilersaddict6[/b] Every Oilers fan was ecstatic when MacTavish announced the Shawn Horcoff trade. It was an absolute steal for the Oilers as they were able to get rid of Horcoff without having to bring back a bad contract, and were able to acquire a young up and coming defenseman in Philip Larsen. But the question I'm asking is, does Philip Larsen have a future in Ed... Read More »


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Favorite Teams

Edmonton. Who else can you like?

Most Hated Teams

Toronto of course, most hated team in the NHL and the most arrogant fans. Calgary, cant like your rival. Carolina, 06 was OUR cup not theres!

Favorite Players

Past: Gretzky, Messier, Khurri, Fuhr (minus the PEDs), Coffey and that wierd speaking Swedish guy that always pissed people off. Whats his name?Present: Hall, Eberle, Yakupov, Schultz, Petry, sorta Nuge and Gagner. Oh yah, Datsyuk was pretty good before he said he was going back to the KHL and Lundqvist is sick.

Most Hated Players

MARTIN BRODEUR. I hate him! This isnt the 90s anymore, stop playing like it! Anybody on Calgary. Jeff Skinner, overrated. Phil Kessel.

Best Hockey Memories

Winning Nova Scotia AAA provincials!

As a hockey player, I compare to...

Grant Fuhr, minus the PEDs.

Favorite HockeyBuzz Bloggers

Cloutier before he left. Now I dont know what to do......

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Hockeybuzz. Oilogosphere (Clouts new blogging website.)