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When he retired, the Great One told his dad: "...Every year when I go to camp, they're bigger, stronger, faster and I'm a year older."rnFor me, the draft is a yearly reminder that I've gotten older and the dream is really over. Granted, I never had a chance at playing at a high level anyways because I didn't have the talent on the ice or foresight to understand commitment to the game--but I (like... Read More »


Posted October 14, 2015
Growing up, I had a bunch of hockey VHS (and eventually DVDs) that I would watch before/after a game or in my free time in order to study in an attempt to try and emulate the players on the screen. I always drew a great amount of inspiration and motivation from those sessions of sitting in front of the TV. Fast forward a number of years to today and not much has changed. I still watch videos... Read More »

Falling Stars in the Madhouse

Posted October 4, 2015
Tonight's 4-0 victory for the Hawks over the Stars is nice momentum to ride for a somewhat new look team as they gear up for the season opener against the Rangers next Wednesday. To start things off, I just want to say that John Klingberg is a very good Defenseman and I can see why Dallas locked him up with a 7-year extension. This is a young guy that looks like he'll only get better. He is d... Read More »
Hockey is back and everything seems right again. In my opinion, preseason is one of the best times of the year. Seeing the prospects (and potential future of an organization) vying for a spot alongside guys in new sweaters and returning faces has always given me a fresh outlook and optimism for the upcoming season. Coming into this year, I have the same optimism I have every season for the Bl... Read More »


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