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The Ice Bowl Cometh

Posted July 11, 2007
I very much enjoy the idea of having an outdoor game evey year. I would even propose that it would take the place of the all star game. Sscheduling it on January 1st? What are you thinking NHL? If you want to improve the popularity of the sport you don't try to compete with the U.S's most popular sport. If they want to improve the popularity the NHL could choose anytime in February to play th... Read More »

The Canes and current Payrolls

Posted July 4, 2007
I am glad that everyone is overpaying for everyone. Drury is a great leader but, I cant see paying 7 mil to a guy who has never scored 70 points in a season. Thornton, Iginla, and maybe Briere are the only deserving ones of a 7+ a year contract from a team this season. JR is playing it smart and not signing guys for 4,5,6 or even 7 years to the Canes and has no idea if they will actually fit... Read More »


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