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Winnipeg, MB • Canada •

Leaf fans

Posted August 16, 2007
I am really amazed to see how leaf fans truly believe that the leafs are actually a good hockey team. They seem to believe every year that they are going to be a cup contender, and then seem to make some excuse on why the didn't make the playoffs. They do have some good players, but they are really not a very good hockey team. But I like to see how fans are still fans no matter what happens,... Read More »

Why don't Americans like hockey?

Posted June 29, 2007
I really don't understand why Americans don't like hockey. How is Nascar and Baseball so popular, meanwhile hockey is not? I guess any Canadian will never understand this. Hockey to us Canadians is more than a sport it's a way of life. I guess that is how some americans look at Baseball. To most Canadians lets say over 90%, NO ONE LIKES BASEBALL!, and Nascar you may find 1 person out of 200 t... Read More »