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Leafs line combinations, (IMO).

Posted September 7, 2008
Were nearing the beginning of the season, still no word on sundin, so since hes not on the roster as of now, I won't use him. These are just my thoughts on the way the lines should be. Line 1- Blake-Antropov-Hagman I like this combination because it gives blake a chance to get his scoring touch back, it also gives hagman a chance to prove he can score yea... Read More »

Sundin's playin Fletch'

Posted August 4, 2008
Isn't it obvious that Mats Sundin is playing TML? And who can blame him!? Think about it, If you were Mats right now, after being asked to waive your ntc after stating you don't want to be a rental player, wouldn't you be a little pissed off? I mean sure Fletcher was doing his job but for god sake, he already had said no, Mats had been loyal to the Leafs, they should show him some loyalty too, but... Read More »


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