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Leafs Podcast : Offside Talk

Posted July 8, 2018
Re-united and it feels so good! https://soundcloud.com/jamie-roberts-837310696/re-united-and-the-leafs-are-good?utm_source=soundcloud&utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=twitter Check out the boys Read More »

Burke Was Right..... About Something

Posted September 20, 2017
Brian Burke was Right about something now hold on before you abandon ship give my theory a chance. Like many of you I am excited the boys in blue and white are back on the ice, talking to the media and even the hockey shows have started to spin narrative for us to try and follow. That being said as summer winds down I go to thinking how did we arrive to where we are now, a deep prospect pool, grea... Read More »

Just Enjoy The Ride For Once

Posted July 4, 2017
How many July 1st's have we had where we all sat and either watched painfully or refreshed constantly only too see the blue and white come up short or Blake out on deals I really can't put my Finger on it but usually the Clarks-on us about how we take it all. Puns aside I don’t write much as you can tell but in this particular instance I figured maybe it was time to sit down while on vacation a... Read More »


Posted October 24, 2013
Well just when you thought it was safe to check out the out bloggin page the long time lurker has put out an article. I am going to try and cover the Leafs a different way as well as one hot topic issue A night never blogged but people like me for hockey talks so I thought I'd put out a blog on my thoughts cheers and thanks for the reads.rnrnNow I know this is a HOT topic among many right now but... Read More »


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